How to generate more than 1’000 appointments in 1 day.

Salesgenerator trains PageGroup Switzerland consultants with regard to qualification skills and making appointments. Jerome Bouin, Managing Director, told us how he and his team of approx. 100 consultants made approx. 1,000 appointments on one Commercial Day.
How important is it for your company to generate appointments with decision makers?
Recruitment being the future of each company, it should be part of the decision makers top priority to be well staffed. As such we believe getting in touch with them is the best way to create successful partnerships.

What was the result of the 1’000 appointments taken? How did your pipeline develop?
Quality is key as doing volume with the wrong approach is pointless. Nevertheless, you can’t increase your activity if you don’t face people to sell your service. Getting that volume associated to the great quality of our service & people, clearly created an increase in pipeline, almost immediately.

How can you motivate your team to generate such outstanding performances?
Togetherness in business development plus showing the meaningfulness of our work made it a success.

How important is training? Or can we say investing in your team?
It’s absolute key. People stay with companies when they are happy, successful but when they see they progress to achieve better great.

You have a very young and international team. How did you adapt your international concepts to the local market?
Being Swiss in Switzerland is an asset but what is more important is to embrace local culture and difference. Respecting who you deal with and adapting to their working habits is part of a successful long lasting collaboration.

Jérôme Bouin currently leads the PageGroup division dedicated to the recruitment of managers, senior executives and C-level officers in Switzerland. The PageGroup is listed at the London stock exchange and the worlds biggest specialist recruiter. As a Managing Director Jerome Bouin is responsible for the Swiss market and the offices in Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva.