Your chance

We wish to expand our activities, in particular in Germany, Austria, France as well as other European countries and are therefore looking for

Entrepreneurial talents with a sales background

wishing to build a profitable existence. Because our proven Swiss success model of many years ensures the improvement of sales performance within companies. We can draw upon several years of experience in successful implementation as as well as having top references in practically all industries.


Requirements: Some years of sales experience, energy, sales initiative, pronounced goal orientation, mobility. 


Task: Acquisition of clients within your region, coaching of sales teams, expansion of client base and cooperation with clients by means of a range of tools such as Cockpit, Salescamp, Salesleader, Powerdays, and Saleskey to generate sustainable results. 


Performance of the Salesgenerator:  We are entrepreneurs able to offer you a fair start into self-employment, involving no pitfalls. You will be able to work with a successful concept, based on the many years of experience of the company founders, excellent references in all industry branches, proof school, accompanied visits, internal and on-the-job training at regular intervals, and future prospects. 


If you want to set things in motion and attempt the step into self-employment, then we should speak with each other. 


Please send your contact information and a short CV directly to . Your information and application documents will be treated confidentially.