How can I lay the foundation for success when hiring new sales representatives?

Have you hired new sales representatives who were then unable to fulfill your expectations towards them?

Saleskey is a tool developed to help our clients take on such challenges, i.e.: 


•          To avoid hiring the wrong sales representatives 

•          To identify critical issues during the hiring process 

•          To recognize the potential and weaknesses of new employees from the beginning 

•          To define the right goals 

•          To create an internal benchmark for hiring 

•          To optimize investments in staff 


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reducing misplacements of sales
It is by this rate that companies were able to reduce the number of misplacements thanks to Saleskey. We measure the success of hiring by the number of new employees meeting expectations and still with the company after 12 months
Kontaktfähigkeit Erfolgsfaktor
Haben Sie auch schon Verkäufer oder Berater eingestellt und sind enttäuscht worden? Lesen Sie hier, welches die Grüne dafür sind und wie Sie in Zukunft die Spreu vom Weizen trennen können.