Active Business Development

How can I improve the performance of my sales organization?

Are there clients you would like to have? Companies you would like to work with or such with whom you already work but where there is potential for more? Or clients you would like to win back?


We apply our simple, tried and tested methodology directly in daily business and have implemented our concept successfully in over 500 companies from different sectors. Together with sales teams, we acquire new clients in a targeted manner, enlarge the existing client basis and avoid tiring price discussions. Focus is placed on improving the efficacy of sales activities. Measurable results are already achieved during the workshop phase. 


  • Higher success rate of appointments scheduled on the phone
  • Recognizing of problems and benefits for the potential client
  • Taking of subsequent measures, based directly on initial discussions
  • Increasing number of existing clients within the scope of daily business
  • Optimization of the profitability of existing clients
  • Maintaining control of the overall sales process
  • Increasing the number of contacts and/or offers per order


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greater efficacy
It is with the SGEF, the Salesgenerator Efficacy Factor, that we measure by which factor a client was able to increase the efficacy of his or her sales organization thanks to the use of the Salesgenerator. The success rate is measured from the initial contact with the client on the phone until the conclusion of the business deal. The SGEF is levied semi-annually.
Client feedback
Hi Salesgenerator, our sales force followed up on an appointment made last week at the workshop. This led to the submission of an offer and ...
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How to generate more than 1’000 appointments in 1 day.
Salesgenerator trains PageGroup Switzerland consultants with regard to qualification skills and making appointments. Jerome Bouin, Managing Director, told us how he and his team of approx. 100 consultants made approx. 1,000 appointments on one Commercial Day.
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Typical results achieved during implementation
This sales organization was able to increase its efficacy significantly during the 12-week implementation phase ...
Sales and entrepreneurs
This is the number of participants from 531 companies that we were able to assist with 827 Salesgenerator processes until the end of December 2016.
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Exchange of experiences in the vineyard