Salescamp for entrepreneurs

How can I proactively shape the future of my company as an entrepreneur ?

For years now, within the scope of our Salescamps for entrepreneurs, we work successfully in small groups, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Our practice-oriented method works – and is very simple. Workshops lead to concrete results in form of valuable contacts, discussions, follow-up appointments and a portfolio of measurable actions.


In general, Salescamp for entrepreneur participants ask themselves the following questions : 

  • How to win new clients despite the great daily workload ?
  • How to develop business more rapidly and in a more targeted manner ?
  • Which sales processes are ideal for my business ?
  • How to benefit more from my network, from events and other contacts ?
  • How to identify the most important decision-makers and how to convince them ?
  • How to present myself more efficiently and immediately take next steps ?
  • How to introduce next steps and commercial operations ?
  • How to develop a portfolio of concrete and measurable operations ?
  • How to react to professional buying structures, to the competition and to price discussions ?


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How to ensure initial contact on all managerial levels?
Questions for Daniel Meier, co-founder of the NZ Group and participant of the Salescamp for entrepreneurs.
Greater efficacy for entrepreneurs
It is with the SGEF, the Salesgenerator Efficacy Factor, that we measure by which factor an entrepreneur was able to increase the efficacy of his or her activities thanks to the use of the Salesgenerator. The success rate is measured from the initial contact with the client on the phone until the conclusion of the business deal. The SGEF is levied semi-annually, based on the results of the Salescamp for entrepreneurs.