How to ensure initial contact on all managerial levels?

Daniel Meier, co-founder of the NZ Group
Questions for Daniel Meier, co-founder of the NZ Group and participant of the Salescamp for entrepreneurs.

Mr. Meier, you attended our Salescamp for entrepreneurs. What motivated you to undergo this sales training?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 13 years now, selling our services. However, I always felt that I could do better. And I never underwent specific sales training before. The offer in sales seminars is very large but I never found one that catered to my needs. 


What did you like about the training in particular? 

The Salesgenerator approach appealed to me a lot, because they train precisely what they sell. Training is uncomplicated and very practice-oriented. I had the impression that this training helps you to sell better without bothering clients. 


Which concrete results were you able to achieve? 

Thanks to this training, I was able to increase the success rate of first-time client meetings by over 300%. The success of this training is huge. 


Which was the most important insight for you from this three-day training? 

Today, I can convince clients to meet and allow us to present our offer to them – irrespective of the size of the company or the managerial level of the contact. 


Whom would you recommend this training to? 

All specialists and engineers wanting to sell their services personally. 


About NZ Group AG: NZ is a project implementation company specialized in the implementation of complex solutions, with an international network of over 250 experts. The NZ Group offers clients access to a global network of outstanding project experts able to take on the challenges of clients in strategic markets. Daniel Meier is a co-founder of NZ Group. He holds a degree from Zurich Polytechnical University (ETH) as well as an NDA in economic sciences and an EMBA.